About Us

Rand Hills Academy is registered with the department of education for offering basic education programmes in terms of the South African Schools Act (Act No. 64 of 1996) as well as the Gauteng School Education Act (Act No. 6 of 1995).

  • Our registration details are as follows: Gauteng Department of Education Registration Number: 8400743
  • Education District Area of operation: Ekurhuleni South District

RAND HILLS ACADEMY was established in the year 2012 as a learner support centre, which provided support in :




Physical Sciences and

Life Sciences and was later registered as an ordinary independent school with an objective of providing quality teaching and learning through our teacher-learner support programmes and aimed at addressing past educational imbalances.




Our vision is to form young people who are academically excellent, morally and spiritually strong and ready to serve in National and global community.


Our mission is to provide high quality teaching and learning through our teacher-learner support programmes, which are not only aimed at improving on learners performance, but also helping them to obtain an education that will
give them the knowledge and skills necessary for improving their lives and their communities.

We aim to do this by:

  1. Forming partnership with various educational bodies and department of education (GDE).
  2. Viewing our learners as our top priority.
  3. Providing academic and non- academic support to our learners on one to one basis.

• The Rand Hills Academy Staff believes that each learner is an individual whose unique potential must be developed.

• We also believe that every child can learn but it might not be on the same day or same time.


• To make the giant subjects like mathematics and sciences likeable by improving the way they understand them.

• Provide Quality Education and Training of the Highest Standard Possible.

• Create a Discrimination Free Society and Development a Spirit of Zero Tolerance (Ubuntu).

• Develop independent, Creative individuals driving to reach their full potentials.

• Recognise and respect Diversity Amongst Learners, Parents & Staff.

• Promotion of human dignity respect freedom conscience of opinion, sexual orientation etc)  and security of our school community religion parents and other stakeholders.

• Parental environment in academic and non-academic matters concerning their children.

• Rights of parents and other stakeholders to access information.

• Being accountable to our learners, parents and other stakeholders.


• To be Honest and give Respect to all our Learners and Other Stake Holders. 

• To serve with integrity. 

• To Acknowledge the choices and decisions made by our learners which should be done in the presence of their parents.

• Our School Fees is reasonable

• To provide equal treatment to all our learners and parents.

• Career guidance provided to learners from different universities.

• Responsibility, creating a sense of responsibility among our learners,subjects aimed at imparting examination techniques and tips.

• Regular counselling of learners.

• Examination orientated sessions conducted by examiners in different.

• We assess our learners continuously and give constructive feedback in the period of two days (maximum) after the assessment task is done performance.

• Professional, experienced and committed team of educators who can assist you achieve your academic goal/ career.

• We appoint a tutor for every registered learner, whose duty is to monitor.

• Bursaries are available on grounds of high performance and socio-economic grounds.

• Special extra classes conducted outside school premises especially in mathematics and physical sciences.

• We give study material to every registered learner.

• Individualized lessons are organized to assist slow and weak learners.

• Small classes for effective delivery, monitoring and control.

• Learners are assisted in university application processes

• Educational excursions and tours learner’s knowledge base 12 (Terms and conditions apply).

• Call centre classes are available for grade 12 learners, which adds on.